Revamping my Etsy store.

Hey Y’all!! I know, I know. It’s been forever. A whole year in fact. Two days from now will mark the one year anniversary since my Daddy moved in with us. It has been a little hectic getting him settled and into a routine. Unfortunately, this has left me neglecting the craft studio. Priorities, you know.

However, lately i have realized that I have missed my happy place and therefore, I need to make more time for me and my sanity, LOL. I have found an outlet, I think. A friend and her partner have opened a local business called The Grove in Shreveport . It is a great little space where about 35 (as of now and still going) vendors can showcase their trade, or craft. I have rented a little space to try and move some of these things that I have created. Some, not so much because I just can’t part with them LOL. I signed a six month contract, so we shall see how it goes.

I have cleaned out my Etsy store and taken everything to The Grove in Shreveport. I am currently working on revamping my Etsy store and adding new items as I create them. So bare with me as I probably add in spurts,.LOL

My newest creation is a little 6″x6″ chipboard book. A friend on Facebook suggested I needed something Tiger themed. I mean I do live in Louisiana after all. It is not LSU specific, because that gets sticky, but it is purple and gold, y’all. I do not have any procedure pics since I was just making these for The Grove in Shreveport and for Etsy. I have two for them and two for Etsy.

Geaux Tigers Chipboard Book on Etsy

Here is the link to the item on Etsy if you would like to check it out.

Geaux Tigers

Until next time,