Vintage Tins Louisiana Style

Good Morning, Y’all! I’ve been doing a little more vintage tin play this morning. A while back, I mentioned that we bought a new house. Next month will be two years that we have owned this house so it’s not really new, but pretty new to us. A little background history, our house is an Atomic Ranch built in ’56 on a bayou. The Bayou is off Cross Lake in Shreveport, LA. To be clear, Louisiana has Bayous all over the state, so you don’t have to be a Cajun to live on the Bayou. Shreveport is pretty much in the top corner of Louisiana, right on the Texas line. That’s about as far from Cajun as you can get. However, that being said, I’m still on the Bayou.

Since we’ve moved to the Bayou, I have started collecting all things Louisiana to decorate my Kitchen. That being said, I had one of these Cayenne tins in a box of tins that I purchased off of Ebay. You may have seen the Pumpkin Spice tins that I did a little bit ago. I also had the little, ceramic alligator that I picked up at an estate sale around here. Just sitting in the sewing machine drawer was a little boring so I spiced him up a little. Yes, pun intended. I posted it on my Facebook page when I was done and I got a few messages about it, so i decided to hunt down a few more tins and alligators and add them to my Etsy store. Here are the links if you’re at all interested. I had to separate them as two facing right and two facing left. Just tap the “two facing right” and “two facing left”.

Let’s talk about the process. It was so simple but they turned out so cute. So truthfully your price only reflects the hunting down of the tins and the alligators and what you’re willing to pay. You could do this with just about anything. If you see my previous blog, you will see that I did it with pumpkin spice and made them look like fall decorations. You just need to find whatever tin makes you happy or suits your purpose. I sold the pumpkin spice ones to local people before they were even on etsy for one day. I had to cancel the item. I had one special follower who found a tin in her pantry that she was keeping because she bought it in the store her mother worked in. She had a special request that I make the diorama on that special tin. Of course, I said yes!

These are the tins that I tracked down on Ebay. They are vintage tins and they are getting hard to find. Some of the tins can get really pricy so you have to do a little bit of searching to find ones that you’re willing to buy. For some reason, the pumpkin spice tins in these colors are listed for over $100. No, I don’t have any of those. LOL.

The process is really simple. The list of supplies is really short. All you need is a tin, whatever decoration you want to use, some glue, and in my case, a bag of fake moss. The glue I used is Beacons 3in1. I’m sure you could use whatever but that’s just one of the glues I had available to me.

First thing I did was squeeze a little pool of the 3in1 in the top of the tin. Then I pressed some of the fake moss until it covered the top of the tin. Believe me, that is a sticky process, so you may want to wear gloves. I did not, but it cleaned right off with soap and water. Once the moss had a few minutes to dry, I glued the little alligators on top of the moss. I did hold them down for a few minutes to make sure that they were stuck down really well. And that was it!

I just think these are super cute. Of course I may be a little biased. LOL. It’s way cuter for the alligator to have the tin rather than just that old boring alligator on a shelf. What do you think? Mine is sitting in my kitchen of course. I’m toying with some ideas for Christmas. All the spices off the holidays: Cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, cloves. So many possibilities.

Well, until next time! Thanks for joining me!


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